Month: October 2012

Hyperlocal Blogs: Best Examples

When developing for an internet that finds itself chalk full of resources on every topic imaginable, sometimes the best way to focus your blogging efforts into something truly unique is to go hyperlocal.
What does that mean exactly? Hyperlocal blogging refers to blogs that narrow their focus on a very particular area; say, a city, a […] Read More

Do Visitor Think Your Blog Looks Old? Feedback Friday

Following the latest trends and forecasts in the web design world is important … if you’re setting yourself up to play catch up all the time when the trick is to lead. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a designer, you’re a blogger and blogger’s lean on the visual design of their work pretty heavily.
Design […] Read More

Shopify Creates Focus through Post Categories

Bloggers seem to be forgetting about focus.
It’s one of the most important aspects of publishing, yet it’s practically ignored. With the attention span and patience growing shorter, it’s more important than ever to pay special attention to the focus of your blog. If you’re not sure what the focus is, you have some work to […] Read More

The Content Drop Experiment – A Letter from the Editor

If you’ve been reading for the past few months, you might have noticed strange publishing style. I’ve been experimenting.
I wanted to see if there was a positive impact of publishing in bulk as opposed to publishing the standard daily post. From what I’ve seen, I’d venture to say it didn’t provide a positive impact, and […] Read More

Are You Shooing Your Visitors Away? Feedback Friday

The social web not only enables us to share our content from our blogs, it also enables us to attract individual audiences across a variety of specific platforms and thus diversify how we connect with our followers, and more importantly, how they connect with us.
In addition, the social web also helps bloggers convey how influential […] Read More

It’s Not About How Hard You Work On Your Blog

We tend to think we deserve credit for hard work.
We don’t.
Everyone can work hard.
It’s not until you start working smarter that you deserve any kind of credit … and even then, who cares? It’s not about credit, it’s about building something, reaching people, having fun, and maybe even creating something you can count on to […] Read More

Building Your Brand with the Social Web

We communicate everything online these days.
Information, thoughts, feelings … we put it all out there for our friends, co-workers, and strangers to see (in some cases). We also share our opinions about specific products, people, articles, videos, and brands. Because the publishing world has been cracked open and made available to everyone, both on a […] Read More

Two Ways to Start Your Journey Into Blogging

Starting a blog is a long lonely road for most new bloggers.
It requires the kind of dedication, focus, and energy (among other things) that has the power to dissuade even the most passionate person. Don’t worry … if you do a good job, the loneliness aspect of blogging will disparate and make room for community.
There are two ways to approach the start […] Read More