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Identify Your Target Audience

One of the reasons a lot of bloggers struggle to publish content regularly is because they haven’t taken the time to identify their audience. I’ve made this mistake with several blogs and know the frustrating feeling all too well.
If you don’t identify your audience, you feel lost and struggle with the question of what to […] Read More

How to Keep Up Your Blog When You Are Sick

This is a guest post by Ken Myers of  longhornleads.
When you are sick it is no time to think about your blog, but how can you forget? You know, as I do, that updating your blog regularly is the only way to keep it alive. However you are feeling too sick to write up to […] Read More

Two Ways to Start Your Journey Into Blogging

Starting a blog is a long lonely road for most new bloggers.
It requires the kind of dedication, focus, and energy (among other things) that has the power to dissuade even the most passionate person. Don’t worry … if you do a good job, the loneliness aspect of blogging will disparate and make room for community.
There are two ways to approach the start […] Read More