Who I am?

Sebastian Bauer

So who I am? My name is Sebastian J. Bauer and I have spend LITERALLY almost all my life on testing different tools and softwares.

I like technology, but I love quality content. When I started this blog there wasn’t any ideas of making this blog more broad but here we are… my passion for great content and online marketing grew stronger and I had the urge to publish the most interesting and useful articles in one place.

What’s the story behind Compare Network Monitoring Tools? Nothing much actually. At the start I thought it will be a place to share my experience on different tools that I have laid my hands on over the years. Now my passion took over and you can see different kind of topics here. Starting from email marketing and content optimization to monitoring tools and software reviews.



Want to contact me? Feel free to ask questions, offers or reviews on your software – info@compare-network-monitoring-tools.com